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Things You Need to Know About Having a Good Oral Health


Having a good set of teeth and a proper oral hygiene is a must to ensure that you have an excellent oral health. Thus, visiting your dentist regularly is also important to ensure that you are free from any chronic disease and your oral health is being properly taken care of.

Caring for your oral health is important to make sure that you are healthy both inside and out. Your mouth and, basically, your set of teeth are very vital on the digestive processes that is needed to ensure the proper distribution of nutrients to your body.

It is in your mouth where mastication occurs which is the breaking down of the food you eat into smaller pieces for easy swallow and travel to the digestive tract.

Poor oral health can lead to various complications that may entirely affect your daily life. The following are just some of the problems that you will encounter if you have a poor oral health:

    • Oral and Facial Pain. This is normally associated to the infection of the gums which support the teeth. This can lead to tooth loss and missing teeth can cause Temporomandibular Joint Disorder due to malocclusion or imbalance biting if not prevented. Thus, an orthotic splint and restoration of the missing teeth can help aid this disorder.


    • On the other hand, Gingivitis is another common gum disease that can be avoided through deep scaling and root planing.


    • Digestion Problems. Mastication is one of the primary physical and chemical process that happens in the mouth. An infected or an unhealthy mouth can actually affect the digestion process of your body and may lead to intestinal failure and irritable bowel syndrome. The Temporomandibular Joint Disorder mentioned in the first bullet can also affect the digestion process. A complete set of teeth will help you on the proper mastication of food for better digestion process.


  • Major Organ Problems. An infected mouth can also lead to other internal organ problems. Bacterial endocarditis can cause inflammation of the heart and heart valves or the endocardium. Halitosis or bad breath is another result of infected tooth or bleeding gums that can cause major organ problems if left untreated.

On the other hand, here are the proper ways of taking good care of your oral health:

    • Brush your teeth at least three times a day.


    • Floss daily to make sure that you are able to remove the plaque in your teeth.


    • Quit or avoid cigarette smoking as this can largely contribute to oral cancer. Smoking can cause passive periodontal problems as nicotine constricts the blood vessels in your mouth giving you a poor blood supply that causes gingival problems.


  • Increase your intake of Vitamin A and C enriched foods in order to avoid gum diseases.

Other than these mentioned tips, you should also visit and consult your dentist at least twice a year for oral prophylaxis (scaling and polishing) and for general dental cleaning. Dentists are the experts on assessing your oral health, thus, the ones who can help you maintain a good set of teeth and healthy gums.

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