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What Are Dental Implants And Its Benefits?



Tooth loss is still a major problem for many people nowadays, be it caused by tooth decay, gingivitis, other oral diseases, or injury. Dental bridges and dentures are the most common way of treating tooth loss, but as dental care procedures improve, there is a new and more effective way of putting that beautiful smile back ā€“ through dental implants.


According to WebMD, dental implants are replacement tooth roots. These implants can give a stronger foundation for your fixed or removable replacement teeth that matches your natural teeth.


Among the benefits of having dental implants to aid tooth loss is having an improved appearance. With your new implanted teeth, you will feel more comfortable and confident about yourself. And since these were designed to fuse with your bone so they look more natural and permanent, you can say goodbye to missing teeth problems from now on and boost your self-esteem.


Meanwhile, you have to know that your speech can be affected when you lose your teeth. You may notice that those who have missing teeth are actually mumbling and slurring their words or are sometimes mispronouncing some common consonant sounds like the letter ā€œSā€. Through dental implants, you will be free of these mishaps and speak better than the way you used to.


Dental implants also give better comfort than putting dentures. While the latter can slip from your mouth in no time, implants are fixed to its place so you will not be bothered. Hence, it makes eating easier for you.


When you have dentures or missing teeth, eating can be a little bit hard for you cannot properly chew your food, thus, also affecting the digestion process. These implants acts as your natural teeth so it will allow you to eat with confidence and without pain.


An improved oral health can also be attained if missing teeth will be aided right away through a dental implant. This procedure does not require altering of a nearby teeth in order to support its function, rather, it functions individually and allows easier access in between teeth for a better oral hygiene.


Moreover, the durability and convenience that dental implants can offer is remarkable. If these are properly taken care of, these can actually last for a lifetime. And since taking care of these implants is just the same as how you keep your natural teeth clean, this can never be a problem, unless you have really poor hygiene.


Also through dental implants, you can break away from the embarrassing inconvenience of putting your dentures in and out or applying messy adhesives to keep them intact.


However, even if this dental treatment is easy to maintain, you still have to visit your dentist regularly to make sure that your oral health is properly maintained. Looking for the best dentist in the city? Then visit Dr. Rowena Marzo of Marzo Dental Clinic and see her excellence as she provide the best dental care services in the country.


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