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What Makes Up A Good Dentist?

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More than the educational background, skills, and years of practice, the patient’s testimonials and the attitude towards the profession are the important factors that make up a good dentist.


Dr. Rowena Marzo of Marzo Dental Clinic, a premiere dentist in Makati, shared some of her insights on this matter.




A dentist should not be limited on what he/she have read from a book or learned from the school. According to her, a good dentist must also be aware of the latest innovations and new advanced technologies being used in the dentistry. This is not just to improve their capabilities but also to give the best treatments for their patients.


In addition, a good dentist discusses his/her treatment plan that is suited to the patients’ needs and expectations. This is to avoid misunderstanding between the patient and the expert as well as to meet the necessities of the patient properly.


She further added that the quality of work and service are two very important requirements that will make a dentist reliable. Hence, patients’ satisfaction through testimonials, good reviews, and referrals are good indications that a dentist is doing really well on his/her practice.


What makes up a good dental clinic?


When asked about how a good dental clinic should look and feel like, Dr. Marzo emphasized the importance of a comfortable ambiance. “The ambiance of the clinic should not make you feel like you are about to have a surgery right away, rather, it should make you feel comfortable and at ease,” she said.


Moreover, having skilled dentists, a friendly and hospitable staff, and well-equipped facilities are the essentials on creating a conducive place for providing dental treatments.


The importance of trust to dentists


Talking about dental treatments, she was also asked about her opinion regarding those who are afraid of going to the dentist. Dr. Marzo thinks that this fear can be associated with mere traumatic experiences of these people in dental offices during their young age. “If their first visit involves teeth extraction, then they will associate pain with the dentist,” she further explained.


“That is why, we need to take our children to the dentist at the age of 2 years old, to familiarize them with the environment, and not only when they have toothache and in pain,” she added.


This is where trust and confidence of patients come into the picture. A good dentist should be trustworthy. Dr. Marzo believes that trust is the cornerstone of a successful patient-dentist relationship. By earning the trust of the patient, he/she will be able to eventually ease the patient’s fears before a dental procedure.


Furthermore, it will be easier for a patient to follow his/her dentist’s instructions and orders if he/she trusts the dental expert. Thus, this will lead to the success of the treatment.


Always know that a good dentist always provides the best and effective treatments for his/her patients and does not settle for less. A good dentist always ensures his/her patients that their trust will always end up with a smile.


Good thing that Marzo Dental Clinic do not just offer reliability and confidence to its patients but also a comfortable ambiance for acquiring best quality dental solutions.  Want to know about the expertise of Dr. Rowena Marzo? Book for a consultation with her and see what quality dental services really means. Keep smiling!