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5 Dental Health Myths Debunked

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Myths are everywhere. May it be about health, taking care of your kids, or even about the food that you eat. Hence, the dental industry is not an exception to these bunch of misconceptions. To resolve this, the gap created by busting these dental health myths should be filled in by factual and well-researched data based on the industry experts.

Here are the top 5 dental health myths that should be debunked from now on:

MYTH #1: Using hard-bristled tooth brush is more effective

Truth: Using the right toothbrush, as prescribed by your personal dentist, is a must. However, soft-bristled brush is still best recommended to make sure that your gums will not be damaged and that the health of the tooth enamel will be maintained upon brushing your teeth. Soft-bristled toothbrushes are much more effective on cleaning as these can clean the hard-to reach parts of your mouth and are even gentle to your teeth and gums.

MYTH #2: Brushing your teeth more than two times a day will be better

Truth: Definitely, nope. Always make it a point that you brush your teeth regularly, at least two times a day, and just that frequent. Brushing your teeth too often can affect the tooth enamel that protects your teeth. In addition, there are also instances of gum bleeding due to excessive brushing.

MYTH #3: Teeth whitening treatments are dangerous to your teeth

Truth: This is quite ironic. Teeth whitening solutions are meant to give you healthier teeth, so, this is not true. Whitening treatments and bleaching are both safe and effective as these remove stains on your teeth that can develop into plaque – thus, giving way to oral health problems. These can also restore the natural whiteness of your teeth without causing any actual damage to your teeth.

MYTH #4: “Sugar-free” drinks are good for your teeth

Truth: Looks like your favourite cola provider kind of… got you there. Carbonated drinks will always be corrosive to your teeth regardless if it is “sugar-less” or “sugar-free”.  Why? These beverages still contain acid such as phosphoric and citric acid that can still damage your tooth enamel. Therefore, controlling the amount of your carbonated drink intake is really advisable.

MYTH #5: Seeking for dental health services is too much expensive.

Truth: This myth has been in circulation around the world for many years. However, it seems that this one is inevitable for some people who think that money is more important than their health. Nevertheless, most dental services are still affordable. The cost may vary depending on the case of your dental health or the oral problem that you have, but, you will definitely find a way or another to solve it by seeking professional help. Most dental clinics now offer affordable yet quality dental services so this should not be a problem anymore.

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