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Why Water is Very Important to your Teeth

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Simple as we may see it but the universal solvent (H2O) — known to mankind as water — is very important to all living things. It is a gospel truth that you need to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday to keep your body well-hydrated in order to function easily. Aside from that, water also keeps us refreshed and quenches our thirst. But, did you know that water is also a very important agent on keeping your teeth healthy as well?

The human body is made up of 60% of water. Thus, staying hydrated is very vital in order to help our body system distribute healthy nutrients, clear out wastes, make our skin glowing, and keep muscles functioning properly. In fact, fluoridated water, like some of those mineral water bottles available in the market, is better than your usual tap water.

Here are the factors that make water your ultimate dental health companion:

  1. It keeps your mouth clean. Food and drinks like soda and sports drinks can often leave some residue in your mouth. The food particles and unwanted sugar deposits can turn into cavity-causing bacteria that lead to oral problems. Water can wash the residue and clean up your mouth. That’s why it’s very important to drink plenty of water after meals. But, you have to remember that you still have to brush your teeth regularly as well.
  2. It strengthens your teeth. One of the best minerals for your teeth is fluoride. Some mineral water contain fluoride, so it also helps on mineralizing your teeth. This mineral is vital on strengthening the tooth enamel to compensate with the damages caused by the acids from the food and drinks you intake.
  3. It prevents you from having a dry mouth. When your mouth goes dry, saliva production stops. Your mouth becomes dry when you drink less water. Lack of saliva means being at risk of tooth decay. Furthermore, saliva is very vital in the mastication or chewing of food and the whole digestion process. It washes the food in our mouth, keeps our teeth strong through calcium, fluoride, and phosphate, and allows you to swallow your food with ease.
  4. It is free from calories. Sodas, tea, and alcoholic beverages contain acid, sugar and added calories. Since water is free of these cavity-causing agents, it is definitely good for the mouth.

Indeed, water is essential to all living things especially to humans. It doesn’t just keep our body hydrated but also makes it healthy. And, aside from being available everywhere, water is also affordable and very practical. But, don’t forget that water and brushing your teeth is not enough to ensure your oral health. Make it a point that you visit your dentist regularly.

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